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tv   Witness  LINKTV  April 4, 2013 10:00am-10:30am PDT

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♪ everybody needs a dream catcher ♪ ♪ catch me! you always come here, don't you? yeah. it's my favorite spot... the airplanes and all. ( laura sighs )
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i'm sorry about your father. it must be tough. i know how i'd feel if my father died. kevin, it's normal to be angry. i'm not angry. look, it's o.k. i would be too. so... what are you going to do? do? with your life? dn't you want to study computer science or something like that? yeah, but... now, i don't know... the airport's really busy tonight. yeah, its. well, so far i really love my first semester at college. i mean, it's so different from high school.
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it's like the professors and students are really into it and the courses are great. how come you didn't write to me? i meant to... but with all my homework and everything i've been in a real work mode. you couldn't write one lousy letter. ( sighs ) you're right. i guess i've been all wrapped up in school. the required courses are a pain but the electives are great... like gothic lit. we're reading stephen king, anne rice, edgar allan poe. yeah, but how long does it take to write a letter? well...
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you know i'm seeing other guys, right? yeah. i'm just not ready to get serious with anyone. sure. i knew you'd understand. listen... i better get back before my parents find out i've left. sure. are you going to be o.k.? i'll be fine. go back to the hotel and get some sleep. i hope kevin will be home soon. oh, he'll be back soon.
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thanks again for your thoughtful offer. ( to himself ): where are my keys? my car keys. i thought they were in my pocket. honey, they're on the hall table. ah. they... they're not here. well, they must be. i saw you put them there. maybe they are in your pocket. no, no they're definitely... they're definitely not in my pockets. well, where can they be? kevin! come on. ( softly ): my car's gone. where's my car?
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when are you going back to school? tomorrow. jeez, what am i supposed to say? good luck, i guess. you're a sweet guy, kev. good night. thanks, john. do me a favor... if you do hear from him, have him call me right away, o.k.? sorry for calling so late. bye. he's been gone for hours. where would he go? i don't know. i've called all of his friends...
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at least the ones i know. but i've been gone for a while. he may have some new friends. oh, here comes a car... no... no, it's not him. sorry. this is a long shot, but maybe my friend sandy knows who he hangs out with. ( sighs ) ( phone ringing ) ( coughing ) why don't you answer the damn phone? hello? rebecca: sandy, it's rebecca. how are you doing? ( softly ): i'm o.k. what's up? listen, have you seen or heard from kevin? kevin? no, why? well, to make a long story short, he swiped my uncle's car keys. we think he's driving around somewhere. oh, god!
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poor kid. no, i haven't seen him. jack: who is it? it's rebecca. she doesn't know where kevin is. do you know who he hangs around with these days? ( sighs ) no, we really haven't talked much. if you hear anything, call me, o.k.? sure. why the hell is she calling this time of night? i'm trying to get some sleep. sandy: i've got to go. i'll call you tomorrow, all right? sandy, is something wrong? rebecca: what's going on over there? sandy: i really have to go. i told you get off the phone! i'll call you tomorrow. sandy? sandy! ( door closes ) kevin! where the hell have you been? we've been worried sick. you took uncle brendan's car, didn't you? yeah. oh, kevin... i took your car. whatever the reason, that was not a clever thing to do. but we're glad you made it back safely. if anything had happened,
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we would have been in big trouble. the insurance on the car doesn't cover you. i mean, kevin, how could you do that? we had no idea where you were. kevin, talk to me! why did you do that? were you drinking? no. look, you owe us an apology especially uncle brendan and aunt anne. it's o.k. we all did foolish things when we were kids. yeah, well, he is not a kid anymore, o.k. he's nearly 18 years old and he expects us to treat him like an adult. shut up! just leave me alone. rebecca: kevin, where do you think you're going? kevin casey! stop this minute! do you hear me? kevin! i'll take care of this, o.k.? i'm going to go get him. ( fence rattling ) kevin! you can't run away from this.
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come on. kevin, where do you think you're going? kevin, stop acting like a child! ( sniffles ) ( gently ): kev.
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i know it hurts. dad's death. mom's death. everything. why? why is everyone always bugging me? why can't they just leave me alone? why did dad have to die?
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when i was driving to california by myself... i felt pretty bad, pretty alone, like you do right now. and i wrote this song. can i sing it to you? do i have a choice? hmm... no. ( in twangy voice ): ♪ things are bad, ♪ you're feeling sad, ♪ they're not as bad as you think. ♪ ♪ oh, lord, life stinks. ♪ oh, lord, life stinks. ♪ ♪ say it with me, bro, life stinks. ♪ now, that is going to be a hit. what do you think? that is the stupidest song i've ever heard. ( laughing ) it could use some work. a little.
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so, what are we going to do? i don't know. maybe... we could talk about it at least. thanks, but i think i've done enough talking for one night. but we've got some decisions to make. hey, do you mind if we get out of this park? i'm cold. sure. oh, before we get back to the house, i should tell you uncle brendan came up with an idea. yeah? what is it? i'll let him tell you. all i can say is it'll give you some time to think.
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kevin feels lost. speaker: there's not much she can do. she feels sorry for kevin. i'm sorry about your father. it must be tough. rebecca gets so worried about kevin, so she called sandy. hello? rebecca: sandy, it's rebecca. how are you doing? i'm o.k. what's up? listen, have you seen or heard from kevin? sandy and jack are living together. jack disconnects the phone. sandy: i really have to go. i told you get off the phone. i'll call you tomorrow. i can't understand why sandy is with jack. speaker: kevin just stormed out of the house.
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kevin casey, stop this minute! do you hear me? kevin finally let go and started to cry. ( sniffling ) rebecca decided to sing a song, and it's a very funny song and that brings kevin back. ♪ oh, lord, life stinks. ♪ oh, lord, life stinks. ♪ i think rebecca is really trying her best to communicate with kevin even though it is very... seems very difficult, but she's trying her best. it's always a problem between me and the very old sisters and brothers because you feel the generational gap between you and your sisters and sometimes you feel like strangers rather than, you know, part of the family. brothers and sisters, most of the time they are not really friends. it was very easy for me to communicate with my younger brother, even though he didn't consider me as a friend, because i was the one who would, you know,
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check his homework and everything. i have only one sister. she is older than me and as a matter of fact she was concerned about me going to college-- what was going to happen when i finished high school. we are very close to each other. i'm very sorry that i took your car and caused all that worry. i apologize. kevin... it's just that we were worried. we didn't know what happened to you or the car. it's over as far as i'm concerned. kevin, i know you were upset about your father's death
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and everybody telling you... anne: i think that kevin and rebecca have had enough talking for tonight. aren't we going to talk about the plan? not tonight. tomorrow's soon enough. so, is it all right to do it now? you don't have to ask me, honey. go ahead. well, kevin, as i said last night, we have an idea... and i want to see what you think of it. see, our proposal is for you to come to illinois and stay with us for a while... well, it would give you some time to think things over. see, all of us benefit from having time to weigh the options. and you might even like the farm. but i have a job... and all my friends are here. anne: oh, we realize that, but it wouldn't have to be forever. you could come back. but it... it would give you a chance to figure things out.
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kevin, i'll do whatever you want-- stay here, go to san francisco, or try the farm. if you want to stay, i'll stay, too. you mean you'll drop out of school? well, if i decide to try it, can we keep the apartment... in case the farm isn't for me and i want to come back? ( phone rings ) hello? sandy, what happened last night? your phone just went dead. jack got so angry he pulled the phone right out of the wall. oh, sandy... i'm a wreck. i haven't slept all night. did kevin come home? yes, he's home. and he's fine. thank god something's worked out all right.
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rebecca: sandy, what is it? i've made up my mind. rebecca: you're going to...? i'm getting out of here. i've had it. i don't know where i'm going, but i am leaving for good. good for you. have you told him yet? not yet. he's been drinking. he's still sleeping it off. listen, sandy, you can move in here. there's plenty of room, especially since kevin and i may be going to my uncle's farm for a while. you mean it? i was going to go to my mother's. i don't want to hear another word. ( sighs ) i accept. he's getting up. i've got to get out of here quick. we'll be right over to pick you up. are you going to be all right? yeah, but hurry, o.k.? i'm sorry. i need a ride over to sandy's. she's leaving her boyfriend and moving in here. he's beating her again, isn't he? yeah, she's got to get out of there now
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before something really bad happens. what the hell are you doing? jack... there's something i want to tell you. what? you got an aspirin? what...? what are you doing with the suitcase? i'm moving out. what did you say? i'm sorry, jack, but i don't think it's good for me to be with you anymore. i'm moving out. and i think you should get some help for your drinking. want to say that again to my face? i think you heard me. oh... sandy, i'm sorry... i'm... i'm... honey. sandy. sandy! sandy! sandy... hey. i'm... honey...
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( sighs ) i'm sorry. come on out, come on. come on, this is silly. come on. sandy, come on! um, hey... uh... you, you want to, uh... you want to come out and we can talk? damn it! you want to stay in there? you want to stay in there, that's fine, that's good! just stay in there, o.k.! does that make you happy?! that's all right, that's all right. you just... you just stay in your... your little bathroom! fine, just stay... get... ( sandy crying ) ( door slams ) ( crying ) oh, my god.
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no, it'll just set jack off. just wait right here. i'm coming. i can handle it, kevin. no, i'm coming with you and that's final. sandy, it's me. rebecca. is he here? he's gone. what happened? all the broken plates... you told him, didn't you? yup. are you all right? he hit me... but i locked myself in the bathroom. sandy, what a nightmare. let's get out of here, huh? all right, kevin, take the box.
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there, i packed my stuff. let's go. hurry, all right? now, uncle brendan proposed that both of them should go with him to the farm. see, our proposal is for you to come to illinois and stay with us for a while. kevin didn't say no to this proposal. he didn't say yes. well, if i decide to try it, can we keep the apartment in case the farm isn't for me and i want to come back? sandy calls rebecca. oh, sandy... i'm a wreck. i haven't slept all night. it's a very bad situation, so she wants to leave. i'm getting out of here. i've had it. i don't know where i'm going, but i am leaving for good. so she asks rebecca for help.
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we'll be right over to pick you up. are you going to be all right? yeah, but hurry, o.k.? speaker: jack realizes that sandy is going to leave him, so he gets very, very mad, and he begins to... to slap her. oh... so why did sandy stay with jack? because, i think, in my opinion, she's afraid of him. she stays with, you know, with him because she loves him and she always expects that, you know, one day he will change. change, right. i mean, something good would come out of him. don't you think that if people really love each other they're not violent to one another? love is not violent. this relationship between sandy and jack is not uncommon. this is exactly what domestic violence is. i think it's a very cowardly thing for a man to hit a woman.
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i think it should not happen. funding for this program [with captioning] was provided by: additional funding is provided by:
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